This org is where I mirror open source projects that I wish to use personally, make personal changes to, contribute back to, or just want to preserve.

Updated 2024-07-13 16:56:57 +10:00
🤖 The free, Open Source OpenAI alternative. Self-hosted, community-driven and local-first. Drop-in replacement for OpenAI running on consumer-grade hardware. No GPU required. Runs ggml, gguf, GPTQ, onnx, TF compatible models: llama, llama2, rwkv, whisper, vicuna, koala, cerebras, falcon, dolly, starcoder, and many others
Updated 2024-07-13 16:31:47 +10:00
Self-hosted photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone.
Updated 2024-07-13 16:28:27 +10:00
🏡 Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.
Updated 2024-07-13 15:39:58 +10:00
A Gradio web UI for Large Language Models. Supports transformers, GPTQ, AWQ, EXL2, llama.cpp (GGUF), Llama models.
Updated 2024-07-13 15:12:25 +10:00
Get up and running with Llama 2 and other large language models locally
Updated 2024-07-13 14:04:44 +10:00
Get up and running with Llama 2, Mistral, Gemma, and other large language models.
Updated 2024-07-13 14:04:44 +10:00
Code at the speed of thought – Zed is a high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.
Updated 2024-07-13 13:43:23 +10:00
Incredibly fast JavaScript runtime, bundler, test runner, and package manager – all in one
Updated 2024-07-13 13:03:01 +10:00
Tool to statically recompile N64 games into native executables
Updated 2024-07-13 12:27:20 +10:00
A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.
Updated 2024-07-13 10:48:08 +10:00
General-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software.
Updated 2024-07-13 09:56:17 +10:00
Cybernetically enhanced web apps
Updated 2024-07-13 09:33:12 +10:00
A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.
Updated 2024-07-13 08:57:59 +10:00
The Go programming language
Updated 2024-07-13 08:42:17 +10:00
Certbot is EFF's tool to obtain certs from Let's Encrypt and (optionally) auto-enable HTTPS on your server. It can also act as a client for any other CA that uses the ACME protocol.
Updated 2024-07-13 08:40:54 +10:00
gpt4all: open-source LLM chatbots that you can run anywhere
Updated 2024-07-13 07:46:10 +10:00
A private messenger for Android.
Updated 2024-07-13 07:02:55 +10:00
Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust, formerly known as bitwarden_rs
Updated 2024-07-13 06:59:48 +10:00
Minetest is an open source voxel game engine with easy modding and game creation
Updated 2024-07-13 06:33:17 +10:00
A privacy-first, open-source platform for knowledge management and collaboration. Download link: roadmap:
Updated 2024-07-13 06:17:53 +10:00

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